The.Art.Of... - Vekta Streets
Vekta Streets
The.Art.Of... - Diortem Hotel
Diortem Hotel
The.Art.Of... - Diortem Hotel Interior
Diortem Hotel Interior
The.Art.Of... - Diortem Hotel Interior 2
Diortem Hotel Interior 2
The.Art.Of... - Diortem Shops
Diortem Shops
The.Art.Of... -
The.Art.Of... -
The.Art.Of... -

My work on the recently released Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita.

I was responsible for the Hotel, Streets, Shop, Street Bridge, Rooftop Garden, Main City Bridge(not shown), and level Surround buildings. The main level structure, layout and buildings were in place when I took over to work along side Lead Environment Artist Gary Buchanan.

The buildings I was responsible for needed : optimisation, theming, and made to look more like they told their own story.

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